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(Senior) Product Owner


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

As a Product Owner you drive market, industry and technology trends and deliver innovations to our customers that help shape the transformation of the financial or ecommerce industry e.g..
As a product owner or business analyst, you provide the bridge to international and agile development teams.
You represent the product and are responsible for large and small projects along the software development cycle (design, build, operate) for our customers.
Your tasks range from the conception of innovation ideas and product vision, the definition of business and technical requirements, as well as architecture and solution design. Overall, you are responsible for the successful implementation of applications and software in the vehicle and beyond.
If required, you will support your development team and analyze a problem yourself or try out a solution before defining an order for a productive setup.
By combining strategy and technology consulting, you will be able to identify new business opportunities and implement digital models and technologies.


  • Bachelor's Or Master's degree in the field of business (software) engineering, economics, industrial engineering or a comparable degree.

  • Ideally, you have initial practical professional and project experience as a business analyst, or product owner, or subject matter expert preferably in the banking/ financial service or ecommerce industry.

  • You are passionate about agile software development, ideally have already experiences / passion in testing and or testautomation

  • You are a team player with strong communication skills, the ability to think abstractly and enjoy interdisciplinary work. Therefore, it is easy for you to examine processes in the sense of the customer, to point out improvement potentials and to solve problems imaginatively.

  • Very good German and good English, French (Optional), Spanish (Optional), and enjoy traveling.

About the Company

The time of Homo sapiens is over ...

In our view, 99% of digitization projects in organizations fail because they are not driven by the right species: At the helm is homo sapiens. They have not grown up with new technologies and do not understand the digital possibilities in depth. For sustainable success, we need masterminds and doers whose native language is IT and who are capable of shaping the future. A new species is needed, the homo digitalis. To help companies find this species quickly and easily, Onur Kayir founded the IT consulting and development company Homo Digitalis in 2020.


Homo Digitalis is an IT consulting and software development company that will be the leading and most innovative consulting company in the field of automation.


We increase the entrepreneurial performance of our customers and sustainably improve their competitive position. With the latest methodological approaches and technologies, we accelerate their transformation into an organization of the digital age.

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