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(Senior) Scrum Master


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As a Scrum Master you will work day-to-day with cross-functional Development Teams and their Product Owners.
You will bring your experience, fresh ideas and creative thinking to support and foster the positive evolution of their practices.
You will focus on guiding them towards improving the way they work to achieve team goals.
Be a Scrum master for 1-2 scrum team(s) with a focus on coaching the team(s) towards self-organization and continuous improvement
Facilitate Scrum events, discussions and decision making.
Assist the product owner(s) with creating and maintaining a healthy and ordered and product backlog.
Improve transparency and create information radiators. Maintain relevant metrics that help the team see how they are doing.
Reach out to the larger company network for impediment removal.
Enable cross-team coordination. Take responsibility for managing dependencies between your team(s) and third parties.
Train and coach stakeholders and middle management, to embrace and enable Agility.
Assist the organization with Agile scaling efforts.
Strengthen the presence of Accenture as an Agile center of excellence.
Participate and contribute to the Accenture Agile Community


  • BSc Degree in Management, Computer Science, Psychology, Technology or Engineering.

  • Working Experience as a Scrum Master, Development Team member or Product Owner

  • People-focused; Empathetic, courageous, open and energetic with a natural tendency to improve others.

  • A strong communicator with advanced organizational skills.

  • Passionate about Agile and Scrum.

About the Company

The time of Homo sapiens is over ...

In our view, 99% of digitization projects in organizations fail because they are not driven by the right species: At the helm is homo sapiens. They have not grown up with new technologies and do not understand the digital possibilities in depth. For sustainable success, we need masterminds and doers whose native language is IT and who are capable of shaping the future. A new species is needed, the homo digitalis. To help companies find this species quickly and easily, Onur Kayir founded the IT consulting and development company Homo Digitalis in 2020.


Homo Digitalis is an IT consulting and software development company that will be the leading and most innovative consulting company in the field of automation.


We increase the entrepreneurial performance of our customers and sustainably improve their competitive position. With the latest methodological approaches and technologies, we accelerate their transformation into an organization of the digital age.

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