Espresso up your career​.

You are unemployed in a high-demand market, employed but your salary is not matching your skillset or are not working in your desired industry role? Together we are getting your career started!

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Your Current Situation​

Does that sound familiar to you?​

You are unemployed in a high-demand market?​

You are employed, but your salary is not matching your skillset or position?​

You are frustrated, despite having the skills and experience needed?​

You are not working in your desired industry role, industry sector or even location?​

You feel too „Junior“ for your dream position?​

You have interviews, but never heard back?​

You are interested in working abroad or remotely?​

Your Desired State​

Would you like that?​

Get your dream job

You have planned your job search strategy and target the right employers.

Your CV is your business card

Relevant employers will be thrilled to hire you and only want to know your next possible starting date.

Like a Pro

You have learned to present yourself and your skillset like a senior in the are your expertise.

Financial security

Earn the salary you have dreamed of to live the life you wished for while still taking care of your pension plan.

An enjoyable workplace

Your new job fulfills you and you are contributing your knowledge productively.

Your self-confidence

You are eager to learn new things to push your career further, as you know you can do it.

The Goal

What we're up to


Gaining the right toolset to get your career started​


Boosted CV(s) and the knowledge on how to individualize those​


Confidence in your own skillset​


Mastering interviews with determination​


Coaching throughout your probation phase​

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Customer Success Story​

Rodrigo Emediato Fernandes​

Initial situation​: 13.200€ Yearly Salary

Rodrigo was looking for a job for over 2 months without success. Open for change with lots of undiscovered potential, but lack of guidance.

What has changed after working with us: 60.000€ Yearly Salary

Within 14 days Rodrigo received four high paid job offers​ and went for a fully remote position at a UK based Consulting Company with international clients like Fedex.

Our Framework​

Kickstart your career​

Money matters, but you matter first – our payment plan only start once we land your dream job!

We charge a 190€ commitment fee before starting the program to ensure your engagement.

After you have successfully applied and got your dream job, we take a small share of your yearly base salary (7-8,5% - due after signing the employment contract​).

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