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Our customers are renowned German companies, from from large corporations to fast-growing start-ups.

(Senior) Product Owner/Business Analyst


Bachelor's Or Master's degree in the field of business (software) engineering, economics, industrial engineering or a comparable degree.

Ideally, you have initial practical professional and project experience as a business analyst, or product owner, or subject matter expert preferably in the banking/ financial service or ecommerce industry.

You are passionate about agile software development, ideally have already experiences / passion in testing and or testautomation.

You are a team player with strong communication skills, the ability to think abstractly and enjoy interdisciplinary work. Therefore, it is easy for you to examine processes in the sense of the customer, to point out improvement potentials and to solve problems imaginatively.

Very good German and good English, French (Optional), Spanish (Optional), and enjoy traveling.

Job description

As a Product Owner you drive market, industry and technology trends and deliver innovations to our customers that help shape the transformation of the financial or ecommerce industry e.g..

As a product owner or business analyst, you provide the bridge to international and agile development teams.

You represent the product and are responsible for large and small projects along the software development cycle (design, build, operate) for our customers.

Your tasks range from the conception of innovation ideas and product vision, the definition of business and technical requirements, as well as architecture and solution design. Overall, you are responsible for the successful implementation of applications and software in the vehicle and beyond.

If required, you will support your development team and analyze a problem yourself or try out a solution before defining an order for a productive setup.

By combining strategy and technology consulting, you will be able to identify new business opportunities and implement digital models and technologies.

(Senior) Scrum Master


- B.Sc. in Management, Computer Science, Psychology, Technology or Engineering

- Working Experience as a Scrum Master, Development Team member or Product Owner

- People-focused; Empathetic, courageous, open and energetic with a natural tendency to improve others

- A strong communicator with advanced organizational skills

- Passionate about Agile and Scrum

Job Description

As a Scrum Master you will work day-to-day with  cross-functional Development Teams and their Product Owners. You will  bring your experience, fresh ideas and creative thinking to support and foster the positive evolution of their practices. You will focus on  guiding them towards improving the way they work to achieve team goals. Be a Scrum master for 1-2 scrum team(s) with a focus on coaching the  team(s) towards self-organization and continuous improvement Facilitate Scrum events, discussions and decision making. Assist the product owner(s) with creating and maintaining a healthy and ordered and product backlog. Improve transparency and create information radiators. Maintain relevant metrics that help the team see how they are doing. Reach out to the larger company network for impediment removal. Enable cross-team coordination. Take responsibility for managing dependencies between your team(s) and third parties. Train and coach stakeholders and middle management, to embrace and enable Agility. Assist the organization with Agile scaling efforts.

Agile Coach


BSc Degree in Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Technology or Engineering.

Good (ideally certified) knowledge of agile methods and frameworks (e.g. SAFe, Design Thinking, DevOps)

Working experience as an agile coach for IT / business teams and managers

A committed, motivated and curious personality; A strong communicator with advanced organizational skills.

Passionate about Agile and Scrum.

Job Description

As an Agile Coach, you provide hands-on guidance, support, and  coaching to Agile teams and individuals in all roles and functions.  

You’ll bring to bear your experience advising teams, leading by example  and challenging the status quo to promote an environment and culture of  continuous improvement, experimentation, and innovation.

Your excellent  listening, facilitation and conflict-resolution skills will help the  individuals you coach reach their highest potential and flourish in a  collaborative Agile organization.

At Homo Digitalis you will find  a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for Agile, Lean,  XP, Kanban and any approach that brings out the best in individuals and  teams.

Good (ideally certified) knowledge of agile methods and frameworks (e.g. SAFe, Design Thinking, DevOps)

Working experience as an agile coach for IT / business teams and managers

A committed, motivated and curious personality; A strong communicator with advanced organizational skills.

Passionate about Agile and Scrum.

(Senior) DevOps & Cloud Engineer


Degree or training with relevant professional experience, strong communication skills in German and English.

Understanding of agile development processes and methodologies as well as experience in application operations (e.g. Shell Scripting, PowerShell/CMD Scripting), configuration management and/or in automated deployments as well as in provisioning of server systems

Very good, DevOps cross-functional knowledge of orchestration platforms (e.g. Kubernetes or Openshift), infrastructure as code/IT automation (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef or similar tools), CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Azure DevOps Pipelines), cloud computing and cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or GCP) and DevSecOps (Prisma Cloud, Sysdig Falco, WhiteSource, BlackDuck, OWASP ZAP, Docker Image Scanning).

Enjoys to support our customers onsite Monday through Friday

An analytical thinker team player and problem solver with a high level of customer focus who likes to think outside the box

Job Description

As a DevOps Engineer you develop innovative solutions with your colleagues and customers. In doing so, you constantly expand your knowledge of software, hardware, lifecycle management, automation and infrastructure.

You provide expert advice on the introduction of DevOps strategies and carry out DevOps Maturity Assessments to optimize the value chain.

Another challenge: the automated creation of complex IT landscapes through Infrastructure as a Code, orchestration platforms, and the protection of critical services through monitoring and the development of self-healing infrastructure.

You are convincing in the automation and optimization of processes and components with CI/CD tools and pipelines as well as in the introduction and maintenance of modern containers.

You advise and support agile project teams in the transformation to DevOps processes, the use of modern tools and the introduction of DevSecOps (shift-left mindset) such as integrated security scanning.