The double espresso for your product development

As hands-on consultants in the areas of Product & DevOps, we increase the scalability of your platform and shorten release cycles by up to 50%.

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Your Pain Points

Is your product development stalling? Then Homo Digitalis is the right place for you.

Dependency on tech leads

POs and tech leads are more in appointments instead of homogenising the product roadmap/IT architecture and taking it to the next scalable level?

Backlog overflow

Your backlog is overflowing and you are struggling to prioritise tickets as you don't have enough capacity to develop everything?

Tough onboarding of new colleagues

It takes at least 3 months for new team members to get up to speed and understand the status quo?

Missing documentation

Your infrastructure is set up manually and not well documented?

Bug fixing instead of new features

Your PO is frustrated because a high percentage of sprints are spent on bug fixes and no important features are implemented?

No scalable infrastructure

Your infrastructure is not automatically reproducible and would block fast scaling that way?

Your Benefits

This can soon be
a thing of the past.

With Homo Digitalis, your product development becomes your greatest competitive advantage.

Business-Tech Enablement

Together with your PO, we ensure clear product goals, a prioritised backlog and perfect use of your resources. Negative sprint/ and cash burndown charts are a thing of the past.

Plug-and-Play DevOps-Prozesse

Scalable code base, comprehensible documentation, automated releases. With highly efficient DevOps workflows, you can release up to 2x faster.

Senior Support

We accompany you through the implementation process hands-on and contribute our experience from dozens of enterprise projects.


We accelerate the growth of your platform.

We espresso your Product Team.

Today's digital customer demands more and more. To meet these demands, traditional product development must radically change. Isolated silos must be replaced by multidisciplinary teams that take responsibility for the entire product lifecycle. This change is a major structural change and cannot be solved by new tools alone. As consultants in the area of Product & DevOps, we accompany you through this process.

Onur Kayir

Managing Director
PO/PM Consultant
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15+ companies have already trusted our expertise.


Companies have already trusted our expertise

We know exactly what the next stages of your platform look like.


IT landscapes homogenised

Which now allows our customers to scale without blockers.


Years of expertise

We know the best practices and at the same time are young enough to think agile.

Why Dev-& CouldOps?

Dev-& CloudOps are the success factors for
Amazon, Netflix & Co.

We install this recipe of success in your teams:

Enhanced team productivity

A DevOps culture transforms your product team from one big steamer into many small speed boats. These are organised using microservices.

Shortened release cycles

This allows them to release new features independently. This minimises blockers and dependencies, while test automation saves significant time

Scalable infrastructure

Combine this with the strategic clarity that comes from breaking down silos, and your product development becomes your greatest competitive advantage.

Our Approach

We are consultants with a desire to implement

What makes our approach special?

Our work is not done with PowerPoint slides. Especially in critical areas like infrastructure, we get involved and deliver best-in-class results.
Throughout the entire transformation, we are available to your team in short lines of communication and thus ensure that your dev (cloud) ops processes are set up effectively.

If required, we bring the right partners into the project for implementation.

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Ready for up to 50%
faster time-to-market?

In the product review we take the first step and talk about:

The current state of your (product) development
The greatest potential for optimisation
Which of our services provides the greatest, instant added value?