The Double espresso for your product development

Who is behind Homo Digitalis?

We are IT professionals and consultants ourselves - not a recruitment company. Our clients are international start-ups, scale-ups and top players looking for qualified IT experts in the EU region to cover their resource needs.

The era of the Homo Sapiens is over.

The era of the Homo Digitalis has begone.

To keep up with today's pace of change and the demands of the modern customer, old tools are no longer enough. For sustainable success in today's world, we need masterminds and go-getters whose mother tongue is IT and who are capable of shaping the future. A new species is needed, that of the Homo Digitalis.

A homo digitalis tames modern tools, lives constant development and has a high-performer DNA. His drink of choice? The double espresso. Intense, efficient, concentrated energy. Just like product tech teams after our consultation.

Our Vision

Driving creative progress, powered by our global network of digital experts.

Homo Digitalis is the first address for IT consulting with a focus on project management/product management, business analysis, DevOps engineering, cloud engineering. With the help of international colleagues, we implement creative and innovative project goals (also called hub or centre) managed by structured and process-oriented people (called SPOCs).

We increase the entrepreneurial performance of our clients and sustainably improve their competitiveness. We use the latest methodological approaches and technologies to accelerate their transformation into an organisation of the digital age.

Ready for up to 50%
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In the product review we take the first step and talk about:

The current state of your (product) development
The greatest potential for optimisation
Which of our services provides the greatest, instant added value?